My art is a mix of landscapes, soulscapes, and mythscapes.

In my art, I am influenced by immediate visual experiences--such as the forests and valleys, and shores of the Pacific Northwest. This kind of nature has been an inspiration to me from an early age growing up in New England. From my youngest memories I have been fascinated by the texture and ruggedness of the stone filled earth and rock walls that are everywhere in this landscape.

I consider much of my work as landscape, but I am drawn less to the panoramic and more to the immediate and close range experience. I like that particular distance where the forest resolves into trees, mountains into rocks, realism into abstraction, and the surface of nature into subjective and emotional. To me landscapes have subjective states such as the cuts and scars that can be seen to symbolize the internal life of the human experience.

Lately, with world’s climates in so much flux, I’ve especially been drawn especially to rocks. Their surfaces are cut scared but they remain as hard and solid – and as invulnerable – as ever. In my art I hope to capture the force alive in both the source of my inspiration and my process of artistic creation.

My primary medium is printmaking, specifically collagraphs and solar plates, but I also use other media such as bookmaking, letterpress, papermaking, fiber arts, drawing, and installation pieces, to help articulate my ideas.  In all media I'm interested in the jagged edges of the subject, in its physicality, its surface.  I want my work to appeal to the viewer physically and spiritually as well as aesthetically.