Listed below are a series of workshops I can teach.  Details for workshops flexible (duration, level, number of people, cost, etc). Let’s talk about your needs so that we can make some art together.








Artist books

A hands-on workshop for everyone who wants to explore the creative possibilities of the artist book.  We will practice making several simple book structures—such as accordion, scroll, pamphlet, and stab bindings. By the end of the workshop, each student will take home models of the different bindings along with one book of their own creation. Beginning level.


An introduction to the pleasures of making personalized handcrafted paper.  In this workshop we’ll start from scratch with natural and recycled materials and then move to sheet formation and expressive decoration.  By the end of the workshop each student will have a stack of unique customized paper. Beginning to intermediate levels.


 Printing is a wonderful skill to acquire since the finished product is not just one work of art (such as a single painting) but is an image that can be printed, again and again.  In these workshops we’ll cover the basics of how to produce an image on a surface that can then be inked and passed through a printing press—or hand pressed—to capture that image on paper. Printmaking processes available in my workshops are linocut, dry point, non-toxic etching, and calligraphy. Beginning to advance.


This is a kind of printmaking that’s more spontaneous and therefore an excellent introduction to the process. Working with a blank sheet of plexiglass surface we apply ink and then send it through a presto make a one of a kind print. It is quick, exciting, and experimental. When the participant leaves the workshop they will have a collection of different prints.  This workshop is great for beginning printmakers but open to all levels.

Fiber arts:

This workshop will explore an introductory range of media in the Fiber Arts, including but not limited to weaving, papermaking, embroidery, and natural dying.  Beginning level.

Basic Drawing:

If you feel like you “ can’t even draw a straight line”, this is the class for you. It will teach you to make contour drawings, use color, understand linear perspective, use shading to show dimension, and even do expressive abstractions. Beginner level.

“I Know What I Like … But What Am I Looking At?”

Presented in a clear, concise, and accessible manner, this class enables anyone to get more pleasure and enlightenment out of looking at artwork that can seem mysterious and intimidating in the gallery or museum. Beginning level.


What is like to take a workshop from Patricia:

“Her enthusiasm and obvious love of the subject pulls everyone along with her on a happy artistic ride-not always knowing what the final destination is, but always having a good time getting there.  Highly recommend the experience!”

“I was a complete novice, but Patricia's papermaking class felt comfortable and energetic.  She was an excellent teacher--showing and explaining techniques and encouraging us to dig in and do the hands-on work.”

“I highly recommend Patricia as a teacher who encourages her students to explore their creativity and hone their skills.”

“Patricia always has a wealth of ideas and suggestions to offer to her students. Her excitements for the mediums she uses and teaches foster a creative, rich, and enjoyable environment for learning and creating. I would highly recommend taking a class and/or workshop from Patricia Cheyne.”